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For a more immersive and effective experience, choose our range of ceiling and wall mounts for tvs and screens. We have a huge range of tv mounting solutions, from flat screen tv wall brackets to framed tv brackets and even motorized tv wall mounts! Gain space with a modern look, hidden cables and more at installation prices that won’t break your wallet.

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  • Sharon Pollack

    "I was very happy with the service we received from RJ Installations & Design, to help pick the right size tv and mount and install them. The gentlemen were nice, patient and helpful in doing their job. There was one item that my spouse and I couldn’t agree on and they tried to resolve it and even offered to come back if we made a decision! I recommend them highly. My only suggestion - always take the garbage you produce with you."

  • Michelle Stewart

    "Great team! Punctual and very professional! Thanks for everything!"

  • Bentley Navedo

    "RJ Installation & Design has done exceptional work at my house. They have came out 4 times for different areas of my home and I've had 1 issue, and within 24 hours a technician came and fixed the issue. Very attentive and professional, will refer to anyone."